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Community and Voluntary Supports

Social Inclusion Activation Programme 

SLPC provides support to community groups in the following areas:

  • Young People
  • Support for volunteering
  • New communities
  • Training and development support for groups representing Communities of Interest 
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The Rural Development Programme (RDP)

Provides grant assistance to community and voluntary groups to improve the quality of life in their areas. Support is provided for community facilities, environmental initiatives, heritage projects, amenities and village renewal.
Rates of aid available:
75% of capital costs to a maximum of €150,000
100% of training costs to a maximum of €150,000
90% of research costs to a maximum of €30,000

75% of capital costs to a maximum of €150,000
100% of training costs to a maximum of €150,000
90% of research costs to a maximum of €30,000

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TÚS Initiative and Rural Social Scheme (RSS)

The TÚS initiative and Rural Social Scheme are community work placement schemes providing short-term working opportunities for unemployed and under-employed people. The work opportunities benefit the local community and are provided by community and voluntary organisations throughout the county. If your community group is interested in offering a work placement on these schemes, contact:
TÚS programme  Rural Social Scheme

Men’s Shed Programme

A quick word on what is a “Men’s Shed” It’s a place where men can meet other men and get involved in activities that they decide they would like to undertake. The ethos of the Shed movement is that all men have something to offer, whether it is a range of skills, experiences, interests, conversation or just company for others.
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Digital Skills for Citizens

The purpose of the Digital Skills for Citizens is to provide basic internet and computer skills training to people with little or no knowledge or experience of using a computer or laptop.
Also to assist people who have not had an opportunity to update their basic computer skills using internet based applications.
Training is delivered in local areas across Sligo and is on a one-to-one and small group sessions basis. A total of eight hours training is delivered to each participant over four two hour sessions.
Topics covered include email, online banking, taxing your vehicle online and keeping in contact with family and friends over Skype.