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Community Education

Community Education addresses the issue of participation in formal and informal education targeting the most disadvantaged communities, groups and individuals in Sligo. The action seeks to increase awareness and support access to opportunities for educational, recreational and cultural development for Children, Young People and Adults and older Adults in Sligo. Working with various groups- such as men’s, parent’s, youth and community groups; encouragement and support is given to engage in education-formal, informal, lifelong to promote social inclusion and genuine community development. Activities such as English conversation classes, homework and study supports and special interest programmes have been developed.

Urban Area Youth Development

Urban area youth development aims to support sustainable youth structures for disadvantaged areas of Sligo town. This support will take a multi agency approach in consultation with members of the local community to facilitate a local sustainable youth development. Supports for youth clubs, youth activities such as music/music technology, youth leadership and specific groups of young people-LGBT, young people with disabilities, young people not engaging in mainstream youth activities; are developed in consultation with local community groups and agencies.

Rural Youth

This action continues the work of SLPC with rural youth through the community structures of the CDPs, the FRCs and the CLASP Community Project. This action is developing models in sustainable youth development locally. Programmes such as the computer coding Coderdojo Programme are promoted as well as local summer and Easter camps with various themes-such as sports, science, technology and maths.

Parent Development Programme

Parent Development Programme is the development of a parents support programme building on the learning of the delivery of the Local Community Development Programme. Support Programmes have been developed through the Incredible Years programme as well as work with parents of young people with dyslexia/dyscalculia, parents of young people with disabilities and community based parent programmes-such as parent and toddler groups. This programme works with parents to support communities and families in targeted areas.

Community Health Programme

This action has had a strong focus on disability/mental health and has widened its scope recently to Community Health. The SLPC Disability Network has been established in this action which in turn developed and set up the SEED Project. Groups such as the Parents Support Network for young people with disabilities, engagement of young people with disabilities in mainstream youth clubs, support group for Parents and Guardians of Cregg House, support for mainstream youth activities for young people on the autism spectrum and the multi agency Youth Mental Health Initiative are all part of this development work.