County Sligo LEADER Partnership CLG
Supporting Enterprise and Community of County Sligo

071 9141138

Under Goal 2 on the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) we Support Individuals. We work with individuals to help them to identify and take the steps to improve their quality of life and wellbeing and to access lifelong learning opportunities. Do you need support with?
* Working out your next steps.
* Building your confidence.
* Finding out about your rights and entitlements.
* Exploring your educational options.
* Accessing other services.
We provide a one-to-one confidential support and advice service to help you reach your full potential. For more information please contact the SICAP Team on 071 - 9141138.
Here at Sligo LEADER we are all for promoting positive mental health and now more than ever during the current pandemic. As part of Men’s Health Week, people in Ireland are being encouraged to work together to do at least one small practical thing to improve their own health and the health of men across the island. Check our video where some local famous faces give their perspective... and remember, Tune Out, Get Out, Chill Out, Reach Out and Talk it Out!