County Sligo LEADER Partnership Company Ltd.
Supporting Enterprise and Community of County Sligo

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SLPC offers support to farmers and farm family members to diversify into other areas to utilise the farm for non-agricultural activity.

The Rural Social Scheme (RSS) provides support to farmers and some farm family members to engage in farming while also working 19 ½ hours a week in their community. For more information see our RSS page.

The Rural Recreation Officer also works with landowners in developing trails and other recreational tourism projects, some of which can be in receipt of subvention. For more information on this contact the Rural Recreation Officer.

The LEADER RDP can also offer grant support and other mentoring supports to farm families in project areas which increase the percentage of holdings where the fixed assets of the farm are utilised in any non-agricultural activity by a member of the farm household for economic gain.

Examples of which are:

  • All non-agricultural enterprise activities undertaken by farm families in particular provision of tourism facilities such as walking, bird watching. Angling etc.
  • Development of niche tourism and educational services.
  • Development of farm shops.
Ineligible Activites for support:

  • Any agricultural activity.
Applicants must be living in County Sligo (outside of the Borough of Sligo Town). Projects can attract up to 75% aid of ACTUAL costs to a maximum of €150,000.